Relive the event on 7 December 2023 in Abidjan, co-organised by Wallix, Aitek, and Vipnet Business Services. Under the theme “Take back control of your accesses”, the event brought together IT experts to discuss best practices in access control and digital identities.
The morning kicked off with a powerful keynote from Redda Ben Geloune, CEO of Aitek, who highlighted the crucial issues and prospects for cyber security in Africa. Presentations from Aitek and VIP Business Solutions, led by Mehdy Sahly and Eugenie Cocauthrey, enriched the discussions by showcasing their solution portfolios.
The Wallix team, represented by Mahamane Laoualy SANI ANGO and Alexandra Vagner, presented the WALLIX Bastion with a technical demonstration, highlighting the importance of the WFP. Testimonials from key players attested to the effectiveness of Wallix solutions.
Our thanks to all those who took part in this morning’s event, which was rich in content and contributed to the success of the meeting.