On Thursday 30 November, we had the pleasure of welcoming our partners to the GateWatcher conference dedicated to End Customers in Abidjan, around the theme of “Which tools to combine with AI to achieve a global detection approach?”

The morning began with Mehdy Sahly, Sales Director of the Aitek Group, who presented Aitek and its portfolio of cybersecurity solutions. Then, Redda Ben Geloune, CEO of Aitek, shared his vision during his Keynote on how AI is set to revolutionise the approach to digital defence. His contribution laid out the fundamentals of AI, paving the way for a more in-depth discussion on Gatewatcher’s approach to detection solutions.

Thami Drissi and Abdelmounaim Elatmani from the GATEWATCHER team presented the portfolio of network threat detection solutions and explained the global approach of GateWatcher solutions through use cases in critical environments such as banks, government and state defence institutions. We would like to thank them for their brilliant presentations, offering complementary perspectives on the tools to be integrated with AI in #cybersecurity.

Read on to find out more about the morning’s proceedings, which bear witness to the quality of the discussions and the commitment of all the participants.

Many thanks to all the speakers who helped make this event a success.